Saturday, June 28, 2014

Enough is Enough!

I get it.  Successful businesses extend product lines in order to increase sales to existing customers.   

But I really think the fine folks at Thunderworks should stop with their innovation of pet anxiety sportswear. 

Thunderwork's signature product is the Thundershirt, a shirt that swaddles dogs and reduces their anxiety in the wake of thunder or fireworks.  Kevin has the original gray Thundershirt and it appears to work effectively.

Thundershirts come in a variety of attractive colors, including blue, green, holiday red, pink, and "camo".

They also sell the Thundersweater and a fashionable khaki trench coat, the Thunderjacket, which is worn over the Thundershirt and would be appropriate for a trip to London.

Also available on the Thunderworks web site is the Thunderleash, which basically ties a belt around the dog’s middle, allowing the owner to apply pressure in case the dog starts to pull.

But there’s more.   

Thunderworks now offers Thundershirts for cats.  

Now, I don’t personally own a cat, but I know enough about them to recognize that I would have to put on my own Thundershirt before attempting to put one on a cat.

I think the good folks at Thundershirt should have stopped there.

But they didn’t.

They came up with the Thundercap.

According to the product description, the Thundercap reduces visual stimuli and helps the dog remain comfortable, overcome his fearfulness and increase confidence.  



Perhaps they should sell the Thundercap and Thunderhandcuffs as a package deal.   

In all seriousness, it's time for the Thunderwear marketing team to move past the pet anxiety category.   Clearly they are running out of good ideas. 

It's time to advance into other sectors of the pet market, such as the pet bowel control sportswear category. 

I think the Thunderpootrap would be a big seller for them.   

Besides, it would be much more profitable than the Thundershirt for hamsters.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Test Driving the Asymmetrical Man Thong

The first thing that went through my head when Jamie sent me the link to the Asymmetrical Man Thong, besides the obvious -I hope I don’t have nightmares- was gravity.

How does that thing stay on?

I studied the pictures.  I didn’t see any Velcro.  Or duct tape. 

I further examined the photos.  It kind of reminded me of a Nerdling Camel-Toe Protector, angled at 45 degrees.

It was clear, that I would have to build a prototype in order to completely understand the engineering behind the
Asymmetrical Man Thong .  

But who would I get to test drive it?  (Dave said NO before I got the words out of my mouth.)

I could do it myself, but I don’t have…well… the necessary equipment.

Unless I also built prototype junk.  

That’s easy! All I needed was my Pinocchio nose and a sock.  
But I still needed to design my Man Thong.  

As I further reviewed the photos I realized that pouch was not unlike a bra cup.  To that end, I decided to sacrifice my pink Ahh-Bra for the Asymmetrical Man Thong prototype. 

Your welcome.

I developed my hypotheses:

Too bad Linda’s done with high school.  This would have made an excellent science fair project.

Drum roll.  

Unfortunately, I had to reject the null hypothesis since my Nerdling Asymmetrical Man Thong kept slipping off my man junk.

That’s when I noticed the reviews on  After all that work developing the prototypes, the answers had been right in front of my face.


it is comfortable you doo need cheeks to hold it on .I have no problem wearing it. it feels good both ends

It just plain doesn't stay on. Walk a few feet and down your leg it comes. Total waste of money.

You know what?  It's all good! For a few minutes I knew exactly what it was like to be a man.

And, truth be told, I'm glad I don't have to worry about all that junk.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Napping with Dignity

I don't get it!

The Japanese are usually 5 steps ahead of us when it comes to product innovation.  

But somebody dropped the ball on this one. 

My Dome Pal Travel Sleeping Hood helps people catch up on shut-eye in public.  It is apparently quite effective at masking the embarrassing mouth dribble and jaw drop that accompanies most people who sleep sitting up.

I said "most people".  That has never happened to me.

With due apologies to any of my readers who lisp, does anyone besides me see a serious safety issue with this thingamajig?  Such as suffocation? 

I don't know about you, but I like to wake up from my public naps with as many brain cells as I had when I first closed my eyes.

Then there's the aesthetics. 

The My Dome Pal Travel Sleeping Hood comes in 4 colors: green, gray, pink, and purple.


What would you rather be sporting while taking a public nap?  A green, gray, pink, or purple bag over your head...

Or a Snazzy Napper?
The Snazzy Napper is much more fashion forward.  That sheep wearing sunglasses is stinkin' adorable.  

And the Snazzy Napper is functional!  It actually has slot for you to breathe!   There is no way that woman will die of suffocation while wearing her Snazzy Napper(She may die in a car accident, but she will not asphyxiate.)

If aesthetics and safety aren't enough to convince you, the price might.  The My Dome Pal Travel Sleeping Hood sells
on the Japan Trend Shop Web site for $70 plus shipping and handling . The Snazzy Napper is a fraction of that cost ($14.99).

Or, you could get the Nerdling Dome Pal Travel Sleeping Hood for just $9.99.  

Complete with breathing window.