Saturday, January 28, 2012

Camel in the Headlights

When I told my 17-year old daughter about my blog project, she looked like a deer in the headlights.

She typically ignores me when I talk about my blojects, but this one got her attention. She looked me directly in the eye (for the first time in about 3 years) and said, 

"NO!. You cannot blog about that, Mom. It's gross!!!"

Which made me even more excited about my bloject. 

I needed to find something made of hard plastic with a curve. The "Fun Air Scoop" was the perfect shape, but it was simply too big.

I started wandering around the house looking for a smaller version. Nothing in the kitchen. Nothing in the garage. I checked in the bathroom.


It was perfect! I tried it on. It fit.

So I went to Linda's bedroom to tell her about my discovery. When she opened the door I was wearing the headband on my head and a huge smile on my face.

"What?" she asked, waiting for me to say something.

Then I repositioned the headband. "See?" I said, proudly.

"No cameltoe!"


"Don't worry, Linda! It doesn't go on top of my sweat pants," I said, in an attempt to reassure her. "It goes underneath."

I figured she needed more convincing, so I started sharing my marketing plan with her.

"They sell these SmoothGroove Camel Toe Cups on the internet for $25 plus shipping and handling. I can set up a kiosk at the mall and sell them for $19.99!"

Of course, I was just kidding about selling them in a mall kiosk for $19.99.

I could get at least $29.99. Maybe 2 for $50.

They don't call me a stinkin' marketing genius for nothing.

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