Saturday, March 24, 2012

Double the Shopping Fun!

I LOVE shopping for baby gifts! And I'm twice as happy to shop this time, since my friend Jackie has had TWINS!

I'm looking for something unique: something they won't get from other friends. But, I also want my gift to be functional and fun.

The Nosefrieda was an obvious choice. For those of you unaware of this unique "tool", it allows parents to suck mucus out of infants' noses with a straw. It's definitely unique and functional.

But then again, I really want to find something that the babies can play with, not the parents.

Likewise, I considered purchasing the Windi, the "baby bottom burper". It's designed to help colicky babies release wind. Not to be confused with a tampon (although it does resemble one), the Windi is a single use catheter that is inserted into the baby's butt to relieve gas.

And, BTW, the Windi gets great reviews on Amazon. One user called it "The Magic Butt Vent" . Another wrote, "The Windi works pretty much like a thermometer and relief is quick, the air flies out, ... be prepared for other "stuff" to come out as well!"

But I'm afraid, they may already have one of those.

Plus, it's nice to get something that the babies can use when they're a little older...something they won't out-grow.

So, I kept on looking until I found the perfect gift for the on-the-go family: My Pee-Pee Bottle.

My Pee-Pee Bottle  is designed to protect a child from a dirty public restroom experience and makes it a bit easier for the parent and their child when it's time to "pee pee".

And the best part is that you can personalize your Pee Pee Bottle!

It would be irresponsible for me not to point out this important product warning from the My Pee Pee Bottle web site: Do not allow the child to put the bottle or caps in his or her mouth. 

OMG! I just thought of something else! I am a stinkin' Marketing genius.

Although this product is targeted for toddlers, there's no reason kids can't use their Pee Pee Bottles throughout their teen years. They can easily fit into a back pack.  

The nerdling wheels are beginning to turn.  I could market a Justin Bieber Pee Pee Bottle!  A Hunger Games Pee Pee Bottle !  The list goes on and on!

Plus, this product could fit nicely in my mall kiosk. I'll place it right between the Stadium Gal and the Go Girl!

I'm pretty sure I'm going to go with the Pee Pee Bottles for the baby gift. But I have a back-up plan, in case they're sold out.

The Zing Spoon!

I think I'll order 4. The whole family can play!

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