Friday, April 27, 2012

Table for One...or Two

I had to look twice, too.

I was eating lunch at a very popular restaurant today.  (Let's call it "LaTrene's".)

I didn't sit at that table. I was in another dining area.

Well... technically, I did sit there. That is, the seat on the left.

And the entire time I was sitting there, I was thinking, "OMG. Where is my camera when I need it?"

I returned to my table (outside of the bathroom) where I was meeting with a group of women leaders from my company. They all know me as my work persona, and have no idea of my secret life as The Nerdling.

One of the women got up from the table. "Excuse me, I'm going to the ladies room."
"OOOOH!" I said, with a tad too much excitement. "Do you have your cell phone with you?"
"Yes, why?"   She was confused.
"Would you mind taking a picture of the table in the bathroom and emailing it to me?"

I love it when I can make a good impression.

I mean, really!  A table in a bathroom?

I heard of a restaurant in San Francisco that has a table wedged between 2 bathrooms. You are subjected to stereo toilet flushing and body cramps all evening.   But they give you a 50% discount for the ordeal.

I'm sorry, but I'd insist on an even deeper discount at LaTrene's.

So what does the LaTrene hostess say when there are no tables left in either of the dining areas?  

 "We're very busy tonight.  The only table we have left is a table for one. But if you don't mind mismatched chairs, we can fit two.

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  1. LOL it's not so much the table in there - it's always nice to have something to place your purse on whilst utilizing the facilities - but for me, the real kicker is the chair!!!!!! LOL