Saturday, April 14, 2012

Skittle Hair

You may wonder how I got the idea to style my hair like a young Black girl.

I was inspired.

Not by a trip not to the Dollar Store, but to the Two Dollar Beauty Store next door. They sell all sorts of exotic products, most of which cost $2.00. ( Where else can you find a $2.00 toe ring next to $2.00 fake nails down the aisle from $2.00 glitter eye shadow?)

We had just left the fake eyelash section when I saw them: an entire wall of beads. In every shape and size. In every color of the rainbow.

They looked good enough to eat. I began my selection.

Then Linda noticed me.  "Mom, you can't buy those! They're for little girls." She looked over her shoulder and added, in a whisper: "little Black girls."

"But they're so colorful! Won't they'll look good in my hair, too?"

Linda walked away. 

Then I remembered Bo Derek.

Bo Derek wore beads in her hair in the movie Ten and she was a 10 in that movie. I'm no Bo Derek, but I was thinking these beads would raise my score by at least a couple points. (Especially if I didn't run on the beach.)

I picked out a $2.00 set of multi-colored beads that looked like Skittles, and a $2.00 tool for putting them in my hair that looked like a cross between a crochet hook and a fishing pole.

I asked the Asian woman behind the counter if it was easy to bead one's hair. She looked confused, "Whose hair?"

"My hair!" I said enthusiastically. She looked at me with a strange combination of suspicion and pity, and quickly rang up my order, ignoring my question.

Coincidentally, Linda's friend Dynesha had dinner with us that night.   I asked her if she could help me style my hair like a little Black girl's. "MOM!" Linda screamed as she crawled under the table.

But you know what? I didn't need anyone's help. It was pretty self-explanatory. And my skittle hair looked awesome.  I don't know about you, but I think I sort of resemble Bo Derek in this picture.

 I may not be a 10, but I'm at least a pi!

(That's 3.1415 for you non-nerdlings.)

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