Saturday, January 5, 2013

Jewelry Genius at Work

I know my husband is oblivious, but how could he not notice my earrings?   

You have to be unconscious to miss them!

I walked past him again.  I even bobbled my head. No reaction.  

I suppose expecting a complement was irrational.  But, darn it! I made them with my own two hands.  They are the fruit of my loins, birthed by my own creative juices.  I wanted them to be admired by someone (besides myself).

Linda already told me what she thought of my Barbie Head Earrings"They're stupid," she said.

But she's a teenager.  What does she know?  Her sense of style is in its infancy. 

My Barbie Head Earrings are not only fashion forward and trendy, they demonstrate diversity.  I know I was taking a risk when I selected the mismatched Barbie Heads.

But that's what fashion geniuses do.  They take chances.

I couldn't stand it any longer.

"Dave, do you like my new earrings?  I made them myself."

"What a shock," he responded.   

Isn't he hysterical?

But he's a guy.  What does he know?  

Then I remembered someone else in the house who would appreciate my Barbie Head Earrings.  Someone who is very fashion forward and has an excellent sense of style.

And guess what?  He loved them.

He said they reminded him of an old girlfriend.

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