Saturday, January 12, 2013

Encompassing Beauty

I couldn't believe my eyes.  A beauty aid integrating the classic rock star tool of Geometry? 

It's true.  The engineering geniuses at the Japan Trend Shop realized that the compass' value could be enhanced exponentially by applying it to one of the most challenging  problems facing the world today: putting on eye makeup. 

Introducing the Futae Compass Eyelid Brush.  According to the advertising materials, this exciting new product "allows you to create the enhanced eyelid look accurately and easily."

"This "compass" has a brush, support and grip design so that you can apply make-up to your eyelid in a super efficient and convenient way". 

Wow! For just $59 (plus $14 shipping and handling), I could get my very own Futae Compass Eyelid Brush!

But why would I need to do that when the Dollar Store sells compasses? 

My friend Becca agreed to be my guinea pig model, as I tested the product. But first things first. All good scientists know that you have to measure first and cut twice or something like that. 

Relax, Becca. You have to learn to trust me

There was nothing to it.  I inserted the eye shadow brush into the compass (where the pencil would usually go). I then centered the compass on Becca's cheek, as illustrated above.

But Becca refused to keep her eyes opened. She thought I was going to poke her eye out or something. What a wimp. 

So I had to revert to Plan B, centering the compass on Becca's forehead and approaching her (closed) eyes from the North.

It worked stunningly.  (And, I have to agree with Becca.  It was safer.)

Then I had my scathingly brilliant idea. 

If this technique worked for eye shadow, what about lipstick? 

I centered the compass on Becca's forehead to apply the lipstick to her bottom lip. Then I moved it to her chin to paint her top lip(As you can see, a basic aptitude for Geometry is necessary to successfully utilize this makeup technique.)  

And sure enough, it worked perfectly!

Well, maybe I could use a little practice here. 

Now, one could argue that it would be more efficient to apply eye shadow and lipstick without the compass.

 I guess I would have to agree. 

But it wouldn't be nearly as much fun.

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