Sunday, October 28, 2012

Back in the Kitchen Again

"Don't even try," she whispered.  "It will end up a disaster.  Like that Monkey Brain Cake."

My Guardian Kitchen Angel had touched a nerve.

"I thought it tasted good!" I said unconvincingly.

The Kitchen Angel cackled, "Don't you know anything?  Noodles and chocolate do not belong in the same dish." 

"But I didn't have a brain jello mold," I said defensively, although I knew she was right. 

Then I added confidently, "I have all the ingredients for Realistic Halloween Severed Finger Cookies.  You just wait and see." 

'"Ye of little faith."

So I got to work making my severed finger dough.  

I rolled it into finger shapes, carved realistic crevices, and added pumpkin seed finger nails.  The recipe suggested that I use my hands as models, so I did.

And my Realistic Halloween Severed Finger Cookies looked absolutely frightening.

But then I got to thinking.  Realistic Halloween Severed Finger Cookies are so safe.  

So totally expected.

I decided to try my hand (make that my foot) at making Realistic Halloween Severed Toe Cookies. 

Just wait until you see this, Kitchen Angel!

And they looked just like the real thing.  

The last step involved making the bloody bones that stick out of the severed appendages.  

It was relatively easy.  I had to roll mini marshmallows into little logs and dip them in red food coloring. 

The tricky part was getting the bloody bones to stick to the appendages. 

With jelly.

I could hardly believe it.  It was perfect.   So totally serendipitous.  I cannot wait to show my Guardian Kitchen Angel.

My Realistic Halloween Severed Toes. Complete with toe jam.

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