Friday, October 21, 2011

Stuck on You

Earle Dickenson is probably rolling in his grave. 

Who is Earle Dickenson?  I'll give you a hint.  He was a cotton buyer who worked for Johnson & Johnson company in 1921.  His wife, like me, was not very good in the kitchen.  (Although, I am an excellent cake decorator, having graduated summa cum laude from Michael's cake decorating class.)

Anyhow,  Josephine was a bit of a klutz.  Apparently, she was always cutting herself in the kitchen. 

Kind of like that Sunday in 1995 when Dave almost cut his thumb off while slicing a sandwich in half.  Pardon my detour, but I'm drinking a glass of wine.  And sometimes wine takes me down memory lane. 
Not only did Dave have bad aim with his cleaver, he had exceptionally bad timing.  I had just started my new job at Barnett Bank 89 days earlier.  My health insurance began 90 days after my start date. 

Being the devoted and loving wife that I was (, I applied first aid to the very deep cut. 

And I told him to hold the towel around it very tightly for the next 23 hours because we were uninsured until the next day.  Unfortunately, applying pressure did not stop the gushing and he was forced to visit the E.R. for stitches. 

Damn him.

But, back to Earle Dickenson.  You got it!  Earle invented the band aid. 

I'm not certain how Earle would feel about the band aids I've been looking at online.  I recently purchased a box of bacon bandages, thinking that they would be fun and entertaining.  And I wasn't disappointed!

But now I see that I could have purchased pickle band aids.  They look like a lot of fun, too!  So do the Macaroni and Cheese band aids.  They even sell Sushi and toast band aids.  How to choose?!!

But I'm not so sure about those scab band aids. I mean isn't the whole point of band aids to cover and protect the wound, and subsequent scabs?

I can only imagine Earle attempting to put one of these on poor, clumsy Josephine's sliced finger.  

He probably wouldn't have dared.   

At least if she was still holding that knife.

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