Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lourve-worthy lips

Some women can’t leave the house without their lipstick.   Ummm.  I'm not one of those.

Seriously!  Before I started doing theater, I wore lipstick on only two occasions: my wedding and Halloween. 

In fact, my lipstick application skills are not unlike those of Betty Davis’ in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane.  I just haven't had enough practice!

So I was really excited when I learned about lip stencils!   

At the risk of sounding arrogant, I'm a stinkin' stenciling genius. My work with alphabet stencils in kindergarten was nothing short of stellar.  And that tree I made in 4th grade with the plethora of leaves in autumn colors was simply Lourve worthy!

But much to my disappointment, I discovered that lip stencils became obsolete decades ago (perhaps with the advent of Optometry).

Did that stop me?  Of course not!  I decided to make my own lip stencil. 

In fact, I was able to apply some of the tips I picked up in my advanced cake decorating class to build my prototype.  (You do recall that I was a Magna Cum Laude graduate from the Michael's Cake Decorating College, right?)

All I needed was parchment paper and some model lips.  I didn't have any parchment paper in stock, so I used wax paper.  I decided to use my own lips as a model (although I seriously considered tracing Angelina Jolie's lips from an article in an old People magazine).  I simply outlined around my lip perimeter with a Sharpie.   

Next I cut out the stencil.

My biggest challenge was getting the stencil to stay on my lips while I applied lipstick.    

Of course, being the resourceful nerdling that I am, I quickly solved that problem by leveraging two cloth headbands, crossing at acute angles on my acute face (Sorry..I couldn't resist).

Then I began to paint my lips with lipstick!

Guess what.  Stenciling is just like riding a bike.  You never forget how to do it, and if you fall off you should get right back on (or something like that).

Linda gave me a drum roll as I removed the wax paper from my face.  What I saw brought a tear to my eye.  I am still a stinkin' stencil genius.

 My lips were Lourve worthy.


I'm not sure the chick on TV agrees.

But what does she know?

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  1. Haha. That contraption could double as the non-surgical face lift! LOL at the face on the TV lady. Thanks, Lou, for the laughs.