Saturday, September 3, 2011

Maid for the Office

Call me a dinosaur, but I always thought a computer case was something you put your laptop in. (Big duh for the nerdling). A Computer Case is the box that contains the computer's guts.  Mine looks like this:

And until today I had no idea how BORING my Computer Case is.

I've just now discovered that there are PC Computer Cases available that would be much more appropriate for my disability... I mean my personality.

Check out the Wall-E Computer Case

Imagine how much more fun I would have at work if I was analyzing data on a computer with bulldozer feet!

Another option is the Chardonnay wine bottle version of this Whiskey Bottle Computer Case.  Cheers!

Then again, how awesome would this Coffin Computer Case be around Halloween?!   I'd be dying to get to work!

But, the most unusual (and unsettling) Computer Case I have detected is the M4125 Maid Computer Case. According to the advertisement, "there is no better way to merge the otaku dual-loves of computers and sexy maids".


The M4125 Maid PC Case does just that by incorporating a Mini-ITX compatible case within the hips and legs, and covered by a choice of one of two maid skirts.

And it costs $649!

I was utterly befuddled. What the heck? Who would spend $649 for this.. this... data processing sex toy?

Since I'm not a man, I decided to get some feedback from my brother Tom.  I have a lot of respect for him and felt certain he would provide some keen insights related to the M4125.

Tom, a stinkin' marketing genius like myself, immediately began developing positioning statements for the M4125: "This is the ideal product for a man who wants a secure computer that will clean your house."

I rolled my eyes.

He offered one idea after the other, some better than others. (His suggestion that you move her to the closet during 'that time of month' was one of the "others".)  But he IS my brother, and I had asked for his opinion, so I kept listening.

Until his last suggestion: the market potential would be far greater if she weren't a desktop PC.  

"She would make an excellent laptop".


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