Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Nose Knows!

If you thought the Beauty Trainer Smile was an example of creative genius, you will love my latest find!

First allow me to show you a picture this priceless innovation out of context. 

Guess what it is!

A super-hero Gumby doll? 
A can opener? 
A sex toy?

Nope. It's a "beauty gadget."

And you will not believe what this gadget can do!  According to the product's advertisements, it will "push up that nose of yours to create the perfect profile!"

Introducing the Beauty Lift High Nose!

I know what you're thinking. 

Lou, how can it possibly push my nose into the perfect profile? 

Let me explain: the Beauty Lift High Nose applies gentle electric vibrations from the bottom, side and front of your nose. You just slip it on, turn on the switch and wait for your nose to become firmer and higher.

"While the supports hold your nose in place the buzzing will help shape your nose. All you need is three minutes once a day and you (and everyone else) will soon notice the difference!"

You want to know the best part?  It only costs  $144!  

Do you have any idea how expensive a nose job is? This is a real bargain.

In fact, I'm thinking of hosting a Beauty Lift High Nose Party (kind of like a Pampered Chef party). Guests can come and try out the Beauty Lift High Nose in the privacy of my home, before purchasing their own (or a set for their family).

This product could really take off!   I'm looking for a very select group of friends who may be interested in hosting their own Beauty Lift High Nose Parties.  I've got some pretty amazing hostess gifts in mind.

The Butterfly Nose Clip is a perfect companion to the Beauty Lift High Nose. According to the advertising: "Not only does this beauty product look cute, it spreads that cuteness onto you too. Like the Beauty Lift High Nose, The Butterfly Nose Clip firms your nose."   But it also tightens your nose, giving you the high profile you've always desired. (Notice the before and after photos.)

Of course, I'm always looking for ways to reduce costs.  

I found my own version of the Butterfly Nose Clip at the Dollar Store. (It only cost a dollar.)

 And if you sell $1,000 or more at your Beauty Lift High Nose Party, you'll get a very special prize: 

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  1. I am laughing waaayy to hard! Thank you. Nice resourceful replacement by the way.