Friday, August 12, 2011

Calling All Suckers!

There's a sucker born every minute.

That was my reaction when I opened the box containing my order from Linda's fund raising campaign.

I had ordered "The Sensational Tomato Babylon Bag."

The box contained a plastic trash bag with punched out circles and a packet of seeds.  Seriously.

Oh... pardon me. I also got instructions. "Step 1: Start your seeds. About 6 to 8 weeks before the last anticipated frost in your area, start your seeds in small pots or open flats with good drainage".

So, if my math is correct, I was to have started my seeds in late January. Oops. And let's not forget that I HAVE A BROWN THUMB! I'd have a better chance of winning the Miss South Carolina beauty pageant than of raising a crop of cherry tomatoes from seeds!

Call me naive, but I thought I was going to open up the package and make myself a salad!

The whole think reminded me of the pet rock craze from the 70s. For those of you in diapers during this decade, advertising genius Gary Dahl made millions by developing the pet rock industry. The pet rock sold for $3.95, but cost less than a quarter to package. 

Dahl sold over 5 million of his pet rocks in a six month period.

The wheels started turning. I was inspired. You see, I'm an advertising genius, too.

Allow me to me introduce you to the latest in pet rock technology: The Nerdling Pet Boulder.

I built my prototype from a boulder I found in my back yard, and supplies from my blog bag (a collection of the many priceless items that I have used in previous blogs or for use in future postings).

And the Nerdling Pet Boulder is completely customizable, so you can create your own unique Pet Boulder, to meet your personal needs.

 Options include:
Scarf: blue scarf, black baseball cap or green-striped do-rag
Hair: white (Kevin Hair) or gray (dryer lint)
Glasses: 3-D glasses or Rear View Spy Glasses
Nose: beak, snob, wino, Durante, punk or Cyrano nose
Lips: Wax lips or Red Neck Sippin' Lips

That's 144 different combinations of fun, exciting Pet Boulders!

And the price is right: only $3.97.

I'm hoping there are a few suckers out there who don't notice the $99 shipping fee.

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