Sunday, April 3, 2011

Not by the Hair on my Chinny Chin Chin

I've never had my eyebrows waxed. Nor have I had any other part of my anatomy waxed. The concept of allowing someone to rip hairs off my body en masse seems cruel and sadistic.

Actually, I take it back. I have had my arm waxed, but not by a professional. It happened when I was testing my new bacon band aids, which I recently purchased online. I absolutely loved the look of the bacon band aid on my arm, but removing it brought tears to my eyes.

It was not unlike that scene in The Forty Year Old Virgin, when Steve Carrell got his chest waxed- well partially waxed.

I have a friend (who wishes to remain anonymous) who regularly gets her eyebrows waxed.  And she is extremely (and in my opinion irrationally) loyal to her eyebrow waxer. 

Let's call my friend who wishes to remain anonymous "Becca".

About a month ago, "Becca" and I were on a walk when I noticed she had an abrasion under her eyebrow that looked very raw.

"What happened to your eye?" I asked, showing great empathy and concern. "Oh, I'm not sure what happened. I got my eyebrows waxed today and it really hurt!"
"I think she missed!", I said, stating the obvious. "You need to find a new waxer!"
"Oh, No!" " she said, "I love Ging Lee!  She's so sweet!"
"That's what James Caan thought about Kathleen Bates in Misery", I warned.
Becca just laughed.

Well, yesterday, Becca and I went for another walk and she asked me to take a look at her chin. She had a large red abrasion right under her chin. "Is that a hickey?" I asked, astounded, and trying hard not to imagine the scene that resulted in said hickey.

"Oh, no", Becca replied. "I got my eyebrows waxed yesterday."
"I think Ging Lee needs glasses," I concluded.

Becca explained that Ging Lee had finished her eyebrows and the next thing she knew her sweet waxer was tearing the skin off her chin. But Ging Lee was very apologetic when Becca told her she didn't have to wax her chin, since she doesn't have any hair on her chin.

"You don't have any skin on your chin either," I added alertly.

I know Becca is loyal to Ging Lee, but I really think she needs to make a change.  I'm no expert (yet), but I still have those downloaded instructions for eyebrow threading.  I've been waiting for months for the right guinea pig.

And I think I found her.

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