Sunday, July 26, 2015

Directing the Entertainment

My BFF Becca is throwing our friend Jamie a baby shower and I have a big surprise for both of them.

I’m going to volunteer my talents as Entertainment Director.

That’s the kind of friend I am.  

In fact, I’ve already started doing my research, and have several games picked out.

Guess the Chocolate Filled Diaper.  I love this one!  We'll melt a variety of chocolate bars in the microwave and smear/load them into diapers.  During the game, we will pass the diapers around and the person who correctly identifies the contents of the most diapers will win a prize.

Except I’ve got a new spin on the game.  One of the diapers will have real poop!  Won’t that be hysterical?  

Pin the Something on the Something.  I haven't decided yet.  It’s either Pin the Sperm on the Egg or Pin the Poop in the Potty Chair.  

Since I’m indifferent, I guess I’ll let Jamie decide.

Preggers or Porn.  This is my favorite.  I’ll have a series of photos and the guests will have to pick whether the woman is in labor or a porn movie. 

Now, one could argue that the Entertainment Director’s span of control should end with entertainment, but I disagree.   You see, I am not your average Entertainment Director.

I am a summa cum laude graduate dropout of Michael’s Cake Decorating School.  And I consider it an honor to put my culinary skills to work for Jamie's shower.

I haven’t chosen my design yet.  I'm leaning towards this one:

With a Jamie, not a Casey.  Duh.

This is going to be THE event of the season.  

You're welcome, ladies.

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