Saturday, August 1, 2015

Falling off the Pedestal

It was a typical research team meeting.  The three of us have worked so long together that we’re like Sam, Norm and Cliff from Cheers.  

(Shut up.  Don’t tell me I’m old.  Google it.)

I walked into the meeting all wound up about Tom Brady’s Facebook post, where he denied any and all wrong-doing:  "The fact is that neither I, nor any equipment person, did anything of which we have been accused."

Oh, really Tom?  Not even the guy who called himself The Deflator?  Hmmm. 

I told Christine and Jeff about how all the comments underneath the post were like, “This is so unfair!” and “I know you would never do this!” and “You are still my HERO, Tom!”

Christine, our token softie, said, “You know, they’re probably just very loyal fans who have a hard time accepting the fact that their hero isn’t all they thought he was.  Try to put yourself in their shoes.”

That’s when I had my epiphany.

 “OMG!”  I shouted.  “This is exactly like what Bills’ fans went through with O.J.!”

Christine and Jeff looked at me like I’d deflated a football in a playoff series.

“Yeah,” Jeff observed, “If you want to compare a double homicide to cheating.”

Book at the similarities: they were both celebrity football stars married to super-models. Well, until O.J. murdered his.

Oh, yeah.  I know exactly how Patriots fans feel.

Because, I was the last person in the United States- maybe the entire English speaking world- to believe that O.J Simpson was guilty.

I mean, I would go to the mat for O.J., saying things like, “This is so unfair!” and “I know you would never do this!” and You are still my HERO, O.J.”

During his infamous Bronco escape attempt I was saying, “Run, O.J., run!”  I figured he was on his way to visit impoverished children with cancer in a Mexican hospital.  Or something else heroic like that.

When the glove didn’t fit I said, “I knew it!!!  O.J. wouldn’t harm a flea.”

It wasn’t until I heard his sister-in-law testify in tears about O.J.’s assaults on his wife that reality set in.  

O.J. was guilty as sin.

Yes.  I can completely empathize with Patriots fans who continue to believe Tom Brady’s lame denials.   He has fallen off his pedestal.  Just like O.J.   

Jeff may be right.  I probably shouldn’t compare a homicidal manic to a cheater. 

But I can’t resist.

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