Sunday, August 24, 2014

Shape us, face up!

To the untrained eye, I was just one of a myriad of shoppers meandering the aisles of WalMart.  But I was on a mission.  A mission of beauty.

I wanted to make my own Facial Fitness Pao Smile Trainer

The Facial Fitness Pao Smile Trainer on the Japan Trend shop was extraordinary, promising a better, younger smile.   But sadly, it was a bit way out of my blog budget, costing $271 plus shipping and handling.

OK.  It wasn't just about the money.  Truth be told,  I didn't want to look like one of these people when I was training my smile.

What if someone were to come to my door when I was in the midst of a smile training session?  I have a reputation to protect!

So I wandered the aisles looking for something I could use to make my own, more attractive, Facial Fitness Smile Trainer.

I was temporarily delayed at the Poop Play-Doh exhibit.  I seriously considered constructing my Facial Fitness Smile Trainer out of the Poo-Dough.  I examined the kit carefully.  Hmmmm.  It could work!  If I strung multiple turds together with straws.  Or dental floss.

But then I thought about putting it in my mouth. 

And decided to keep looking.

Sporting goods?  Nothing.  Automotive?  Zilch.  Infant socks?  Nada.

I finally hit pay dirt in the pet toy department.  Not only is my dog toy cute and shakeable, it squeaks! 

And it gives me quite a work out!

Now, the ordinary marketing genius would be satisfied with these results.  But I’m no ordinary Marketing genius.  

I found a way to make my Nerdling Facial Fitness Smile Trainer even more strenuous.

Throughout my product testing, Kevin looked on with envy, coveting my Nerdling Facial Fitness Smile Trainer.  I should have known he'd find a way to get his grubby little paws on it. 

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that he was the one who took it. 

The evidence is overwhelming.

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