Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Best Seat in the House

I’m always on the lookout for exciting new vacation destinations. 

However, at the risk of appearing pompous, my tastes have become quite refined as I’ve matured. 

For example, I will not stay at an “otel” beginning with an "M".

I’ve also become quite discriminating in terms of vacation attractions.  I do my homework.  Before booking an excursion, I carefully study attraction reviews on TripAdvisor.

Which is how I found out about the amazing Suwon Toilet Museum, also known as Mr. Toilet House. 

Mr. Toilet House has a fascinating history. Allow me to share that with you.

 Apparently, a Korean businessman named Sim Jae-duck (affectionately called Mr. Toilet) built the world’s first toilet shaped house.  He wanted to give recognition to the humble toilet, and the heavy load this under-appreciated toilet must bear, each and every day.

(As a side note, I also appreciate the humble toilet.  In fact, considering the vast experience I’ve gained blogging about toilets and pooping and peeing, I humbly believe I've earned the title of Ms. ToiletMany times over.)

When Mr. Toilet passed away in 2009, he generously donated his porcelain estate to the city of Suwon, where it was converted into Mr. Toilet House.  

I’m not making this crap up.

Take a look at this amazing place!  

In fact, Mr. Toilet House was ranked number 3 of 40 attractions in Suwon on Trip Advisor!  (Right behind the Hwaseong Fortress and the Hwaseong HaengGung).  The reviews were stinkin’ amazing:

"Sounds like a strange place...a toilet house with an adjacent park dedicated to toilets and going to the bathroom. That said, it's actually quite interesting and worth the trip to Suwon to see it." 

"A homage to the best seat in the house"

"水原シティツアーに含まれてました。行きたかったのでちょうどよかったです。中心地から少し離れているので個人で行かれるのはタクシーでしょうか?中は、 フリーダムなトイレの博物館です。口に出すと少し照れますが、金のう○ちのオブジェやそのほかの展示もあり、博物館がトイレの形になっています。笑いのネ タになりますよ"
Since many of you may not be as familiar with the Korean language as I am, I will translate this review to English.  

You’re welcome. 

"It was just right because it wanted to go. Inside is a museum of toilets Freedom. You embarrassed a little when I put in mouth, but sometimes exhibit and other objects Chino ○ sac gold, museum has become a form of toilet. It becomes the story of laughter."

No wonder the poor guy was embarrassed. 

It's probably not a good idea to put anything from Mr. Toilet House in your mouth. 

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