Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Poopsickle Experiment

The box was waiting for me when I returned from vacation. 

The red and white label said: Hazardous Materials. The shipping label provided additional detail: Compressed Gases. Flammable, NOS (Tetrafluorethane and Dimethylether).

Hallelujah! My Poop Freeze had finally arrived!

For those of you unaware of this exciting product, Poop Freeze Aerosol Freeze Spray is for people looking for a "clean, easy and affordable solution to nasty waste clean-up problems". Pet owners spray Poop Freeze on their pet's poop, freezing it, thus making it easier to pick up.

I was excited to test Poop Freeze, and see if it lived up to its brand promise (printed on the can): "Poop Happens- Just Freeze It!  Because it's our Dootie." 

I also wanted to see if Poop Freeze was more effective than hair spray.

The following instructions were on the back of the Poop Freeze can:
1. Shake 5 seconds
2. Lightly spray 5 seconds
3. Flip and Re-Spray

What?!! Am I the only one who sees a problem with these instructions?

Flip and Re-Spray?

Seriously.  I'm not making stinkin' pancakes. I'm picking up poop. Exactly how is step 3 supposed to make picking up poop easier?

But, doggone it. I'd invested $11.99 plus shipping and handling in this product. Plus, I'm probably being investigated by the Department of Homeland Security for purchasing hazardous materials over the internet. And most importantly, I promised my readers that I would test Poop Freeze.

I decided not to get hung up on a little poop flipping.  I would test Poop Freeze.

I took Kevin to the park.

Now, my apologies for the graphic nature of these photos. But this is a scientific experiment that had to be documented. With a little help from Kevin I had the opportunity to test Poop Freeze.

And guess what?

Poop Freeze froze poop.

And it was easier to pick up than poop at park temperature. The bag was a bit cold to the touch, but then again, it contained frozen poop. 

I know what you're thinking.  

Lou, how did the Poop Freeze compare to the hair spray?

I'm happy to report that the Poop Freeze was more effective than hair spray.

At least on my mall hair.

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  1. That's stuff is the frizzle shizzle! (Lori)