Sunday, August 19, 2012

Cultivating the Cranium

If you're anything like me, you are very selective when picking out toys for children. I prefer educational toys and games, which will help develop the minds of children in my life, and prepare them for success in their graduate studies at Harvard or Yale.

But there are so many educational toys on the market to choose from: LeapFrog systems, GeoSafari, Rubik's Cube. (Let's not forget the Doggie Doo game: 

It's difficult finding just the right toy to stimulate those brain cells and help peak a child's interest in learning.

OMG! I left one off the list. Please forgive me. How could I possibly have forgotten My Cleaning Trolley?

According to the advertising materials: Make chores feel like child's play with this fully-stocked cart featuring a real working vacuum cleaner with electronic lights and sounds! The set also include a broom, mop, hand brush, dust pan, bucket and real working water sprayer.

Sorry boys. This is not for you. Check out the box. "Girls only"

Holy cow! I just remembered another toy missing from the list: Pole Dancing Dolly.  This toy helps enroot a foundation for Geometry. Dolly not only goes up and down the pole, but around and around.

But what the heck! I must not have taken my Procera AVH Brain Booster this morning. I left off the most educational toy of all. The one that helps youngsters cultivate eye-hand coordination in order to become future surgeons of the world:  You Can Shave the Baby Doll.

Actually, I did some research and uncovered the startling fact that You Can Shave the Baby Doll is not a real doll!  It is a piece of art from the collection of Zbigniew Libera, a gifted prodigy from Poland.  

OMG.  I just had a scathingly brilliant idea.  

Since there's only one version of the You Can Shave the Baby Doll in existence, I can make my own. 

I just need to go to the Dollar Store.  Get me some dolls and some glue.  I have plenty of dryer lint at home.

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