Thursday, August 30, 2012

Only Skin Deep

I couldn't decide. Should I make lollipops or remove unwanted hair?

Both required similar ingredients. Decisions, decisions...

Was I in the mood to eat something tasty or to, essentially, pull hair off my legs?

I decided on the latter.

You see, making lollipops does not provide good blog fodder. Sugaring Hair Removal?  Endless possibilities.

You’re welcome.

I found the Sugaring Hair Removal recipe online. Although it included only 3 ingredients (sugar, lemon juice and water), the recipe had 6 pages of directions.

Holy cow! No wine during this experiment.

I studied the directions. Basically I'd be cooking the mixture over a hot stove, stirring for 25 minutes.

Holy stinkin' cow!  I hoped I had sufficient stamina.

And that was just the beginning! There were 9 pages of directions to removing hair:

"You're now going to apply sugar to hair in the OPPOSITE direction of growth firmly allowing the paste to spread. You need to use some pressure and feel like you're pressing the paste against the skin for it to stick.

Sugar the hair off holding skin taut with your free hand using a fast flicking motion with your hand and removing the paste in the SAME direction of hair growth."

I kept reading, remembering how much it hurt to remove that bacon bandage from my face last year.

"You will not only be pulling your precious hairs out by their follicles, your will be removing skin, muscles, and chromosomes from the bones beneath your skin. You will cry like a baby."

Okay, I made that up.

But you won't believe what happened next.

I had an epiphany. I realized that writing about Sugaring Hair Removal would be a disservice to my readers.
 I have standards.  Very high standards.  My readers expect better of me.  
Sugaring Hair Removal?
How utterly shallow.  Beauty is only skin deep!

(I was in the mood for a lollipop, anyhow.)

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