Sunday, July 29, 2012

Developing Young Minds

I strongly believe in the importance of developing young minds to help prepare them for future academic success.  To that end, I found the perfect educational game for my 4-year old nephew Shaun.   

The Doggie Doo Game.

But I didn't just get him the game, I pre-tested it.   Not only to make sure it worked, but to ensure that it met my very high standards.

That's the kind of Aunt I am.

For those of you not familiar with the Doggie Doo Game, it's a simple concept.  The object of the game is to: "Feed and walk your little pup, when he makes a mess you clean it up.  Be the first player to get 3 pieces of dog shit mess on your shovel to win."

The game is easy to set-up.  You place the dog in the center of the table.  Each player takes a shovel.  I bribed my teenage daughter Linda into playing with me.  (She wanted to borrow my car.)

The first step in the game was to feed Rover.  Linda immediately recognized the dog food as that other very educational toy, Noise Fart Putty. 

Which made the game even more realistic.

We made dog treats by putting the fart putty into a cookie mold and fed one to Rover. 

 Then the fun began.

We rolled the die, which told us how many times to pump the leash.  I pumped 3 times.   

Rover farted as his treat began to digest.   

Linda pumped once. 

I pumped twice. 

Linda pumped 3 times. 

We were getting impatient.

We abandoned the die and started pumping like there was no tomorrow. 

"Rover must be constipated," I concluded, looking up his,, looking at his tail.   

My hypothesis was validated when I consulted the instrucations.  "If Doggie Doo has stomach problems, and no mess is coming out of the dog, feed him just one more time."

So we did.

After a few pumps Rover delivered.

I was never more proud.

So it passed the test.  I'm mailing it to Shaun, and I'm certain my investment in this educational  game will yield major dividends.   

In fact, I see Harvard on the horizon.

Or at a minimum, my sister's lawn should be a bit more clean.

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