Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Waiting for the Contribution

I read my friend's Facebook posting. Twice.

“Kiersten just used the potty for the first time yeah!!! These new potties have music so she was tickled"

Blog topic?

I googled "musical potty chairs". And there it was. The Cheer For Me Potty!

OMG! Check this out!

The realistic yet whimsical toilet look familiarizes the child with a real toilet that includes a flush handle, a toilet paper roller, a fully functioning seat with lid.

I’m getting goose bumps!  But there’s more!

The potty responds to the child's actions in many ways with phrases, music, and sound effects. Your child will hear a response or encouragement when:

* the seat lid is opened and closed
* the flusher is pulled
* the toilet paper roll is spun
* when the child sits
* and most importantly when the child makes a "contribution."

Wait a minute.

I cannot tell you how many hours I spent sitting on the edge of the bathtub waiting for contributions from my daughters, as they sat on our boring potty chair. The one with no bells and whistles.

(This is not me in the photo, nor is it Kimmy or Linda.  It is someone pretending to be us.)

Oh, how I sat. Reading them books. Begging them.  Bribing them. Threatening them.   

I never claimed to be the mother of the year.

Waiting and waiting and waiting. For the contribution.

Crap!  (pun intended) Where was this Cheer For Me Potty when I needed it?

It even sings a song!

Toilet paper, toilet paper
on a roll next to me

I can have a few squares

Maybe one or two squares
How about three?

Maybe potty training would have been more effective had I sung to my children while they were on our boring potty chair. 

I can hear it now.... ,“Tinkle tinkle little Kimmy...."
“Mommy stop singing! I can’t go while you’re singing.”

But I’m way smarter than a 2 year old: a stinkin' parental genius. 

“I’ll stop singing when you make your contribution.”

Yeah.  Who needs a Cheer For Me Potty, anyhow?

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