Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fishy Photos

Too many blog topics, too little time.

That's how I was feeling about 15 minutes ago. 

I was leaning towards writing about my teenage daughter who realized half way to the theater last Friday night that she wasn't wearing any shoes.  (The same daughter who lost ONE shoe at the bowling alley last winter.)

But I was also considering writing about the  "Sally Ride will roll over in her grave"  Pole Dancing Dolly I recently read about.

Then I remembered the conversation I had with a coworker today who told me she had a Groupon for an acupuncture treatment. 

How to choose?!!

Before I started writing, I logged on to snapfish to check on my photo book order.  I noticed that I had been issued a refund.  But I hadn't canceled the order!

I clicked on the Chat button and was greeted by Nath.  I told him my problem and he swam away to research my account.

He returned.

Nath: I have checked your order and I see that you have been issued full refund on your order
Me: But why? I did not cancel the order- I'm anxiously awaiting it!
Nath: It is due to unacceptable image in your order 

I laughed out loud.  It was a book of goofy photos from our Colorado vacation.  Maybe it was my albino legs hanging out of my black grandma swim suit...

Me: What? Take a look at the book! This is hysterical.

Blog topic.

Me: Thanks for a great blog topic! (

But it got better. 

Nath: I see that your order has not been cancelled
Me: So it must be free!
Nath: Yes

Poor Nath.  He was just trying to do his job.

Me: So, it must be incredibly inappropriate! 

At this point Nath was ready to end our little chat session.

Nath: Your order will be shipped and delivered to you
Me: Do you think it was my Albino legs?
Nath: Thank you for your patience on this matter.

But I was on a roll.

Me: I really should get a spray tan, don't you think Nath?
Nath: May I assist you with anything else today?

Then I decided to let Nath off the hook.  He had other fish to fry.  There was no point in stringing him along any further.  

Me: Nope.  Thanks for your help, Nath.

Besides.  It was like shooting fish in a barrel.

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