Sunday, June 10, 2012

Test Driving Tresses

I'm thinking about getting my hair cut. Short.

I've had the same "hairstyle" for years. And I use that term loosely.  Regardless of how I leave the house, my hair is in a pony tail within an hour.

And both of my daughters think cutting my hair short is a horrible idea. Although they didn't specifically use the word "hag", their message was clear.

Then I had the most scathingly brilliant idea EVER.

I went to one of those websites where you can upload a photo and it will superimpose various haircuts on you, so you know exactly what to expect.

Here's how I'd look with a Jennifer Hudson hairdo (and some breast implants).

Wait a minute. I just realized that I wasn't supposed to smile in my photo. 

I started over, with a new mug shot. (I am not going to share that image with my readers, for I don't want to cause any permanent emotional scarring.)   

You're welcome.

Here are some of my hairdo options. I'm not so sure about Taylor Swift.

Halle Barry? Maybe a bit too short.

I decided to go a bit longer.  Victoria Beckham is quite a beauty.

Holy crap!   I look like Adolph Hitler after a shave.  

Maybe that Twilight girl's hair.

Or not.

 I know!  I think Rihianna's hair looks great on her!

OMG.  Sorry, about that, readers.  That was almost as bad as my original mug shot.

You know what? Madonna's more my age. Maybe I should just go with her hair.

Holy stinkin' cow!!!

Please forgive me for subjecting you to such inhumane torture.  This blog should have come with a warning label.

Perhaps I should listen to my daughters, after all. They are right every now and then. 

This might be a good time to trust them.

1 comment:

  1. Lou, I think you should revisit these possibilities and approach them again with 3 tiny changes:
    1) DO smile. (Why wouldn't you?)
    2) DO let your chin show! Where did it go in these images?

    One final suggestion (from your sister who tried to check out virtual GLASSES online):
    3) DON'T bug your eyes...

    As for me, I went to an eyeglass website to experiment with new frames. This required submitting a photo, with eyes placed in a particular position on the "page." I'll bet I took 25 of them. Each time I uploaded them, I was informed by the website, "We can't find your eyes." That small, huh? Oh. Thank you very much.

    These virtual deals can be hard on one's ego!