Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Costume Conundrum

Famous last words: 
"Look how good my orange and green striped sneakers look with my pajama pants!"  

Dave and I were on our way to my secretary's 70's theme party.  I just assumed it was at her house, but the GPS was taking us to...where? 


"HOLY CRAP!" I told Dave. "This isn't Bettye's house.  It's her church!"

I really messed up this time.  (I think I've been spending too much time with my theater friends.)

We pulled into the parking lot and noticed guests getting out of their cars. They were not dressed up in 70's costumes. They were wearing church clothes. From 2012.

"Are you sure you were supposed to dress up?" Dave asked, clearly amused.  I wasn't (amused).

We walked into the church hall, which was overflowing with members of Bettye's predominantly African American church.  Everyone was dressed to the 9's.  And only one person was wearing pajama pants.


And the guests who were wearing 70's costumes, were wearing hip, fancy and stylin' 70's apparel.
There I was wearing my "peace and love" pajama pants. And a tie died shirt that slipped off my shoulders revealing a matching green Ahh Bra. And my orange and green striped sneakers.

I looked like I stepped out of the 70's, alright: out of a bad Jimi Hendrix acid trip.

I managed to find some familiar faces at a table, two of whom were in costume. Elle was dressed as an adorable Annie Hall and Patty was wearing a cute 70's party dress. I sat down and joined them in my PJs.

"I thought you guys were wearing tie die shirts!"   I said to Patty with disgust. "I look like I just left Good Will!"

I tried my best to blend into the scenery.  Then they announced the costume parade.

What a conundrum.

If I joined the costume parade, everyone would see my "costume".  But If I didn't join the costume parade, they might suspect that I always dressed that way.

So, reluctantly, I got in line.  The DJ lady announced my name and I swear I heard rumblings, "That's Bettye's boss? Is she wearing pajamas?"

But then I decided to make the most of it. I strut my 70's stuff like there was no tomorrow.  When I got to the front of the stage I performed some of my best Body Jam moves.

"Yep, that's her boss alright. And I thought Bettye was exaggerating."


  1. I don't remember what I wore in the 70's...ok, bell bottoms and a crocheted vest in a "pot-holder" pattern. ;-)

  2. cracking up laughing I thought the custome was cute.....I didn't know about the pajamas until you told me....Teddy said you were cool and could really dance. Thanks for coming and I am in your blog....best birthday ever lol