Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sweating Pretty

As you know, I'm always on the lookout for new products that I can either test drive, replicate, or make fun of. Or all of the above.

The Aluminum Spa Facial, a Japanese product (how shocking!), is a mask worn on the face allowing you to experience a steam spa facial in the comfort of your own home. 

All you have to do is sweat.

Although I do like the mesmeric magenta color, I'm not crazy about the "Planet of the Apes" look. I mean, what if somebody came to my door in the middle of my Spa Facial? It would be so embarrassing. 

Even for me.

So I decided to make my own Aluminum Spa Facial. I felt relatively certain that I could find all the materials I needed at the Dollar Store to make a Nerdling version of this riveting product.

Although not surprised, I was a bit disappointed to find that the Dollar Store does not carry magenta colored tin foil. But that did not stop me from finding all the raw materials I needed to make my own Aluminum Spa Facial.

It's really quite simple to make, and for only $2.00, the price is right. I simply molded the foil casserole dish to my face and used the lovely Mardi Gras mask to hold it firmly to my head.

Of course it was a bit more complicated than that. 

I carefully studied the original product, got out my slide rule, compass, calculator and scissors and snipped strategically resulting in the "wrap around the neck" effect that the Aluminum Spa Facial provides, ensuring that my sweat would be retained within the mask.

(And I only cut myself 3 or 4 times.)

Don't I look just lovely? It may have been all that sweat in my eyes, but I swear I looked at least 10 years younger after wearing my Nerdling Spa Facial for just 20 minutes.

What's that? The doorbell? Who's afraid of company? Not me! I look enchanting in my Aluminum Spa Facial!  Come on in and have a seat!

OMG. I've just thought of a product enhancement! The Nerdling Spa Facial with Wine Rack. 

I can sweat for hours in my Nerdling Spa Facial with Wine Rack, while discretely drinking Chardonnay from my sports bra.

Life is good.  A bit humid and sweaty, but good.

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