Sunday, February 5, 2012

Give Me A Hand

It is so creepy. I have to have one of my own!

I'm talking about The Dokkiri Hand, a cell phone holder that is for sale on one of my favorite Japanese web sites.

According to the marketing materials, "More than just a strange addition to your phone, The Dokkiri Hand also makes for a useful accessory for standing up your device, or for holding pens, cosmetics and other things."

Talk about multi-functional! I

But here's where it really gets creepy: " And if you are in need of companionship, 'she' can even become a very special friend indeed!"

Am I the only one who needs to take a shower after looking at this guy?  Euuuu.

With that said, my current cell phone holder is completely BORING. I need a Dokkiri Hand, to make my life complete.

Then again, I don't want to spend $64.20 plus shipping and handling.

I decided to make my own.  First step?  Find a fake hand.

But where could I find a life sized hand, especially at this time of year? I'm certain that I could find one at Halloween Express, but they're not open until next fall.

I discovered that they sell manikin hands on the internet.  Based on the product reviews, it appears that most manikin hand purchasers are budding artists. 

(I was surprised that none of the reviews mentioned using a manikin hand to make a cell phone holder.)

I have to say, though, that one of the product reviews was a bit unsettling:

I ordered 3 of these for my young grandchildren who like to play with mine when they visit.

Which begs the question(s), why does Grandma have manikin hands, why do her young grandchildren want to play with them, and what games do they play? 

"Grandma, it's my turn to be Jeffrey Dahmer and Bobby won't share the hands!"

Before investing $10 in a manikin hand online, I took a drive to the Dollar Store.


There's good news and bad news. First, the good news. They not only had fake hands, they had bloody fake hands. And the price was right ($1.00).

The bad news is that I have to harvest my fake hand.

"Place Growing Body Part in a large container full of water. Leave Body Part in water for at least 72hours (3 days). Body Part will continue to grow for over 1 week if left in water. Body Part can grow up to 600%."

My fake hand is slowly growing. 

And I have a back-up plan for my phone case, just in case my full grown bloody fake hand doesn't work out.

The fake foot. 

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