Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Quicker Picker Upper

It should have come with a warning label!

I'm talking about my new sweater. My very snazzy sweater. My sweater that makes me look like I'm ready for a game of polo.

See what I mean? I think it's cute. And it's is very warm. I wore it to work today and for the first time since that day last summer when the power was out for 2-hours and employees were dropping like flies, I was not freezing.

But I did encounter a bit of trouble today while sporting my snazzy sweater.

Stop reading this now if you are easily grossed out.

(Note that my blog posting comes with a warning label.  Too bad my sweater didn't.)

I'm not sure if it's a design flaw or user error (or both), but the first time I sat on the toilet at work, my very snazzy sweater landed in the toilet water.

The good news is that I realized it before increased the water level in the toilet. (Which is quite an accomplishment, considering how badly I had to use the bathroom at the time.)

I stood up quickly and surveyed the damage. As I swung the back of the sweater around for inspection, I inadvertently flooded the side of the bathroom wall with a tidal wave originating from my sweater.

As a side note, It is absolutely amazing just how absorbent my snazzy new sweater is. It would give Bounty paper towels a run for their money.

But lucky for me, only an inch of my sweater got wet.

It could have been worse. Way worse.  I won't go there.   

You're welcome.

Yep, this snazzy new sweater definitely needs a warning label. 

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