Saturday, January 7, 2012

Behind the Thumb Drive Curve

I had no idea I was so behind the times. Where have I been? 

I mean, I have a flash drive. It works perfectly well.  But it is boring. B-O-R-I-N-G. Until today, I had no idea just how boring it is. It's rectangular. And very gray. Dull.

I used to like it.  Now I hate it.

Somehow I missed the Renaissance of Flash Drives. But I am not going to get left behind in this flash drive fashion phenomenon.

I just don't know how to chose the replacement for my cave man. There are so many options. Since I'm a geek that likes to eat, maybe I should chose a drive in the food genre.

But then again, my new memory stick might make me hungry. I probably wouldn't be tempted by the bacon memory stick hanging off my computer all day, but that donut one sure looks delicious.

Maybe I should avoid food thumb drives and get a regular old thumb drive. 

Sorry.  Couldn't resist.

I asked Kevin to chose, and he voted for the tampon flash drive. According to advertisements, this drive absorbs a lot of data. It also comes in slender (4GB), regular (16 GB) and super (32 GB).

Probably the most entertaining - in an "immature and somewhat disgusting but I can't help giggling kind of way", flash drive that I found is the Humping Dog Memory Stick

(I know this may be shocking to you, but the Humping Dog Memory Stick comes from our friends in Japan.)

According to the advertisement: "Plug him in and immediately his legs will start shaking as the pooch transfers his, ahem, data to your computer. A great gift for the geek in you, or the perfect accessory for an office prank - the humping dog is guaranteed hilarity."

I'm just a wee bit concerned that the Humping Dog Memory Stick's guaranteed hilarity could offend some of my co-workers and land me in the Corporate Compliance office.

I think I'd be a lot safer with my own invention: the Drunken Mexican Toothpick Holder thumb drive. 

And I just thought of something else!  I could replace the toothpicks with paper clips, thereby doubling its functionality.  They don't call me a stinkin' Marketing genius for nothing.   

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  1. LOL @ the Humping Dog Memory Stick! The best part is that it actually does a bit of humping when in use! That’s sure to bring a lot of laughs! Anyway, it’s true that the new designs of flash drives are doing well in marketing the said device. But other than the looks, another thing that should be considered is durability. A flash drive should definitely be durable enough to withstand a fall, since, with the way it is designed, it is likely to fall a couple of times.