Saturday, December 17, 2011

Romance in the Science Lab

The long-awaited Rollerblade Barbie Hairspray experiment has been conducted.

And it was done right, this time.  As you may recall, I inadvertently used Dry Hair Shampoo rather than hairspray on my failed attempt of last summer.

Not my finest Nerdling moment.

But I was prepared this time.  I inventoried the materials:

Rave Hairspray: check
Poop Freeze (in case the hairspray didn't work): check
New Rollerblade Barbie Rollerblades: check
Underwear: check

I also had water on hand, just in case the fire got out of control.  (I know, call me an optimistic. But one can hope!)

It took several (22) attempts, but eventually Rollerblade Barbie's rollerblades did ignite the hairsprayed underwear!  

In truth, the flames never got anywhere near the intensity of the fire in the photo above.  

We did not have to call 911.

In fact, I'm not sure it is necessary to use the plural "flames", when describing the outcome of the experiment.  There was really only one flame, and it somewhat resembled a birthday candle found at a mosquito's birthday party.

But it was a flame. So it counted.

We attempted, unsuccessfully, to replicate the experiment this afternoon.  And we learned an important lesson.  

Excessive hairspray ruins Rollerblade Barbie's rollerblades.

But all was not lost during today's experiment.  You see, a budding romance developed on the driveway.  

It turns out that Barbie finds Kevin to be much sexier than Ken. 

Kevin wasn't so sure about Rollerblade Barbie.   

 She would not leave him alone.  

He found her somewhat stalkerish.

Then there was the whole "Kevin, do you want to borrow my rollerblades?" thing.

Obviously, they didn't fit.

But Barbie was OK with that.  

You know what they say about the size of a guy's feet.

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