Thursday, December 22, 2011

Remembering Root Beer Beetles

They just don't make toys the way they used to.  I'm disappointed that my nephew Shane will never get to experience one of the most unusual, grossest, disgusting toys ever made.

Incredible Edibles.

If you are a child of the 60's, you will probably recognize this amazing novelty, the boy's version of the Easy Bake Oven.

Incredible Edibles was quite similar to the Easy Bake Oven, in that it plugged into the wall and made marginally edible things.   

The main difference was that while girls made cakes and other pastries in their Easy Bake Ovens, boys made insects, snakes and turtles in their Incredible Edible "ovens", which resembled a cross between Adolf Hitler and a UFO.

The gross creatures were simple and fun to make.  You just squeezed "Gobble De-Goop" into the molds and waited for them to cook.   Gobble De-Goop came in 6 flavors: cherry, mint, root beer, licorice, and butterscotch.
The worst was root beer (involuntary gag).

My brother Tom, Shane's Dad, got an Incredible Edible oven for Christmas one year. 

His specialty was root beer beetles.

OMG this is bringing back wretched memories.  Just looking at the pictures stimulates an intense flashback...make that an hallucination.. of eating horrendous, raunchy root beer beetles.  And did I mention their consistency? Gummy, slimy, and  nasty.  Just like you'd expect a root beer beetle to taste. 

Shane would have loved them.

I'm going to have to finish up this blog before I lose my lunch in my high tech toilet  (see posting: Toilet Envy: September 9, 2011)

If you can believe it, Mattel took Incredible Edibles off the market about 40 years ago.  They didn't ask my permission.

There's hope for Shane, yet!  I've discovered the Japanese have their own version of Incredible Edibles...Gummix Jelly Insect Maker Set for Kids' Edible Bug Kit. 

They have a wide variety of insects, including crayfish, stag beetle and sow bugs.  Sadly, they do not sell root beer flavored goo.

Shane will never know what he's missing.

I imagine he'd find a root beer stag beetle absolutely delicious.

I know Tom would.

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