Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cake Decorating School Dropout

I have updated my resume to include my newest talent: cake decorating. 

Educational Background:
  • B.A. Mathematics- Geneseo State
  • M.S. Applied Statistics- Bowling Green State University
  • Intro to Cake Decorating- Michael's Craft Store

Do you think anyone would follow up with Michael's and discover that I'm a Cake Decorating Class dropout?

Truth be told, I'm kind of an idiot savant when it comes to cake decorating.  After 2 classes it was clear (at least to me) that I knew all I needed to create extraordinary masterpieces for my friends and family.  

We practiced on cookies in the first class.  (As you can see, even then my gift for cake decorating was obvious.)

For those ignorant in the fine art of cake decorating, it's simple.  You just put frosting into triangular shaped bags with metal tips on the end. You squeeze the bag, and it gives birth to a line of frosting.  Different tips result in different shaped lines. 

That's all I needed to know to become a pastry powerhouse.

My friend Becca didn't believe me. She thought my goal was too lofty. She did not think I could possibly make a cake and decorate it to look like a drunken Mexican toothpick holder!

But first I had to buy a mixer. As you can see, I love it. (I know what you're thinking. Yes, I am on the rebound from my Kirby, but this feels real.)

It's critical to look good when decorating a cake, so I donned my new apron.  

Ready for action!

While we were waiting for the cake to cool, Becca studied my collection of drunken Mexican toothpick holders.

"I think you should just make a sombrero," she concluded.

"What? Are you kidding?" I said, appalled.  "You don't think I can do it?"

"It looks complicated," she said diplomatically.  "What if you lay one of your drunken Mexican toothpick holders on top of the cake and decorate around it?" 

She actually suggested crumbling up Ritz crackers on top of the cake to pass as sand.

Duh! It's a cake, Becca! Who wants to eat a cake with Ritz crackers? 

I have 3 words for her: rookie cake decorator.

But I have to give props to Becca. She was especially helpful when it came to cleaning up the frosting bowls.

And, after a couple glasses of wine, Becca came up with just the right words to finish off the cake. 

It's perfect!

To thank Becca for her encouragement and assistance last night, I've decided to make her wedding cake.  I've found the perfect design!

I may even enter it in the State Fair!

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  1. Lou,

    I'm so proud of you for hanging in there this time! Of course, the petit for decorating class was not nearly as complex as the cake decorating class (& a much shorter commitment), but you showed enthusiasm and mad skill that encouraged your fellow classmates and raised the bar for everyone in attendance. I thoroughly enjoyed taking the class with you! :-)