Friday, June 10, 2011

Yet Another Nerdling Potty Blog

I know I'm taking a risk.  You are probably sick to death of Nerdling potty blogs, considering that I've written about the PooTrap (twice) and the GoGirl, not to mention The Stadium Gal (the catheter contraption with the collection device that straps to your calf).

But I can't resist. When I discover something this good, I have to share it with my readers.  It's my journalistic responsibility.

You're welcome.

I must tell you about a website dedicated to "selling soft cuddly toys that elegantly integrate form and function in a playful and disarming manner". 

It should be noted that Pee & Poo  is brought to you by the same country that developed the Nosefrida: Sweden.  (You may wonder how I discovered Don't ask.)

According to their website, "the idea of creating cuddly toys on the subject of pee and poo is not only truly unique, both historically and now, it's also neutral, and therefore widely applicable and acceptable, with regard to age, gender and nationality."


I don't know about you, but I'd be worried that playing with Pee & Poo might encourage a kid to play with...well...pee and poo.

In addition to the stuffed Pee & Poo dolls, they sell Pee &  Poo stationary. Just think!  You can write a letter to Grandma and when you're done, you can seal it with a pee or a poo sticker. 

Or both, if you're feeing especially generous! ("Spread the love and send the letter the old fashioned way with the Pee & Poo letter set.")

The best thing is that they have Pee &  Poo e-cards. I sent a couple to myself.  But they never came.  Don't worry, I took a screen shot:

(It's hard to read but the message says, "To the Nerdling: Happy Peeing and Pooing!".)

Sadly, they're sold out of the Pee & Poo tattoos. I really wanted to decorate myself with the traditional Pee & Poo, Pee & Poo skulls, or the classic sailor tattoos with Pee & Poo.

And check out the Pee & Poo underpants! Not surprisingly, they have Pee on the front, and Poo on the back.

I was especially excited when I saw this on their web site: "We are currently looking for distribution in the US and Europe. If you are interested, please contact us at"

OMG!  This could be bigger than Amazon and Boeing put together.

I'm going to have to talk to Nikki Haley about an incentive package.

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