Friday, March 4, 2011

The Tres Amigos

I'm so proud of myself I could, well, blog about it!

As you may know, for the past several years I've been searching everywhere for Passed Out Drunken Mexican Toothpick Holders to add to my collection...of 2. Perhaps it's a testament to the  incredible value of my collection that I've not been able to locate any others.. anywhere!  (And I've looked everywhere.)

Last week I discovered a Fred Ouch toothpick holder for sale on Being the visionary that I am, I ordered one.   I was admittedly disappointed when I pulled him out of box; he was totally gray and was laying on his back (not passed out on his face like my other two).  Still, he was much closer to a Passed Out Drunken Mexican Toothpick Holder than anything I'd seen in years.

As you can see, he clearly did not "fit into" my collection. In fact, he looked as out of place as Charlie Sheen in a Mensa meeting.

Did I give up?  No.  I drove to WalMart and picked up some paint and clay.  But first things first:  Pedro  needed some hair.   I knew that dryer lint I'd been collecting would come in handy! 

Very handsome, don't you think?
In fact, that dryer lint looked so good on Pedro's head that I decided to add some more....a little to the South. 

My daughter walked by, glanced at Pedro's...dryer lint... and told me it was inappropriate.  She's no fun.

But I removed it anyhow, because he needed some jeans.  I painted him a very nice pair. Next came the shirt. 

He still looked more dead than drunk, so I made him an empty bottle of whiskey and a sombrero to cover his red eyes (and his dryer lint hair).  

What do you think?  He looks like he'd been enjoying some tequila with his 2 buddies, doesn't he?!

Now all I need is a fiesta to show off the three amigos!  I can just see my vast collection of Drunken Mexican Toothpick Holders sitting next to a plate of cheese cubes.  It makes my mouth water.

But wait!  I have an even better idea. 

My friend Becca is getting married in October.  I can lend them to her for the wedding reception!

I know what you're thinking.  My generosity is overwhelming. 



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