Sunday, August 9, 2015

Daddle Up!

When I purchased the gift for my friend Jamie's baby shower I played it safe.  Got something they registered for.

No Nosefrida.  Or Pee-pee Teepees.

And, of course, NOW that the gift is bought and wrapped, I find the most perfect gift EVER. 

The Daddle

The Daddle is just what it sounds like.  A saddle for Dads so they can safely give their kids horsey back rides.  

We definitely don't want Danny to sustain any back injuries.

Being the sharp consumer that I am, I did my homework.  Read some Amazon reviews.  The first one pointed out a liability I hadn't thought of.  Better warn Danny.

"as much as i love using this with my kids, i have to remind myself that sometimes they're still on my back and i need to get them off first before i stand up. other than that it's hours of fun."

It looks like the Daddle can be educational, based on this next review:

"After wearing this, I was able to learn how to count by pounding one of my "hands" against the ground. Also, when I'm being a bit too quiet for her taste, my wife rubs some peanut butter on my gums and we have long, thoughtful conversations...of course, of course."

OMG!  It looks like one shopper put his Daddle to use on his Grandmother?
"The first time I saw the daddle I knew it was the perfect solution for my grandmother to get up her pesky stairs. No longer are we burdened with an expensive mobilized system for her stairs, instead, her gardener strapps on the daddle, or it our house we call it the "gradddle" and escorts her up the stairs. Only once has the graddle failed us when she couldn't quite make it to the bathroom in time. Maybe daddle should think about a waterproof version???  I would deffinately reccomend this product for aging relitives. Forget the mobilized scooter or segway's- the graddle is so much more sustainable."

I'd better warn Danny to make sure he uses his Daddle the correct way.  It looks like the instructions may not be totally clear:

"I am posting this review to warn the myriad of Dad's out there who may very well be walking into a trap; and not even realizing it.  You must be extremely careful with how you use this product, because APPARENTLY there is correct and an incorrect way to use the freakin thing. I can't tell you how many times we tried to use with the kids, and it was just whine whine whine whine... "Daddy, I can't breathe", "Daddy, you're so heavy", "please Daddy get off, you're crushing me!" I love the product - I do... but man - the name is just SO misleading!"
You know what?  I've read enough.  I think the Daddle is way too risky. 

 I’m going to stick with the Po-Knee.

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  1. I laughed so hard,I cried....I want to get my grandsons a Daddle for Christmas!!!!