Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Photo

I suppose it could be worse.

It could be the National Enquirer, instead of The State Newspaper.  

Damn!   Why do we have to have such an excellent publicity person?

Please don't think I'm being vain. It's a really, really unflattering photo. 

That's what I get for being a good sport. When the director asked me to play the role of the "body" during the publicity photos for A Funny Little Thing Called Love, I willingly agreed.  I mean how could I possibly turn her down? 

Nobody else in the cast has the vast experience I’ve had playing bodies. In fact, I played the dead body TWICE in 9 to 5.  At the risk of appearing arrogant, my character was quite authentic.  I never moved. Even though my nose itched.  

That's the problem here. I look really dead in this picture. And the ironic thing is, I’m not supposed to be dead. Just passed out. 

I’ve taken bad pictures before.  On the scale of horrendous photos, this one falls somewhere between my first grade class picture and my 1992 drivers license. 

I just don’t understand why Glenn picked that photo. There were at least 3 better ones. Like this one:

Glenn is such a perfectionist. He probably didn't pick it because I was looking at the camera.

I suppose that’s why he didn’t pick this one either.

But for crying out loud, this next one was perfect.  My eyes were closed and everything.

OMG!  I think I get it now. I’m not even in that scene. I was just filling in for someone else.  

Glenn must have been worried about me upstaging everyone else with my beauty.  

Damn him.

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