Sunday, February 22, 2015

All Thumbs

The Japan Trend Shop is one step ahead of the curve.


I didn’t even know I had this unmet need.  And they have solved it for me.

The Thumb Extender for Phone Touchscreens by Thanko will not only lengthen my thumb, it will prevent my thumb from suffering needless exhaustion.  

From their web site:

Don't you just hate it when your fingers can't get around the screen on your phone fast enough? Or when you need two hands for those recent phones with larger screens? Well, just slip on the Thumb Extender for Phone Touchscreens by Thanko and never have to worry about getting a tired thumb from all that sliding over the screen.

This is fantastic!  Now my thumb can take that much needed nap.

Which reminds me of a Kimmy story.  When she was about 3 she was playing with Legos and decided to throw one across the room.   "Honey, don't throw your Legos," I scolded.  To which she replied, "It wasn't my idea.  It was my thumb's idea."

Think about how much further she could have catapulted that Lego had she owned a Thumb Extender.

As much as I’d love to have a Thumb Extender  (so that I would no longer have to worry about getting a tired thumb), it’s $28, plus shipping and handling.  That is way out of my blog budget.

So I made my own!

I had a pair of purple rubber gloves
leftover from my wallpaper removal debacle.  

After meticulous measurement and cautious cutting I had the framework for my Nerdling Thumb Extender. 

Then, sparing no expense, I stuffed some toilet paper into the end of the thumb, and...voila!

Except it needed something. 

I mean, I could "just” replicate theThumb Extender for Phone Touchscreens, but that would be status quo. Being the marketing genius that I am I needed to raise the bar.

So I added Nail Polish.  With sparkles.

Now it’s time to test drive it.  

In fact, I’m going to test drive it right now. I will finish up this blog entry while sporting my Nerdling Thumb Extender.  

Kind of exciting, isn't it?  Almost like reality television.  (That is how avant-garde this blog is.)

Here I go!  Drum roll please.

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