Saturday, May 17, 2014

Honing a Hobby

I'm really no different than other parents.  I just want best for my kids. 

I want Kevin to have all the advantages he needs to succeed in life.  

Sure, he has a lot of toys and is well dressed.  But he really hasn't been involved in the arts since his starring role in Anything Goes

I worry about his lack of intellectual stimulation. 

I suppose I should be placated by his focus.  He does have incredible stamina.  (God knows his sisters couldn't stay on task for half as long Kevin when it comes to chasing balls.)

But aside from dropping Busy Bones on the floor, squeaking his ball, and barking at cats, birds and squirrels, Kevin really has no hobbies.  

Research has found that kids who have a hobby are generally healthier, both emotionally and physically, than those whose main activities include watching TV and playing video games.  And squeaking toy balls.

To that end, I decided to teach Kevin how to play the piano. 

He approached the piano with curiosity, carefully studying the music.  I gave him a quick lesson in music theory.  We started out with O Sole Mio, in the key of C.  

He listened intently as I explained the time signature, and how quarter notes get one beat.

And he began to play!

Sure, he missed a couple notes, but it really wasn't bad for his first attempt.

In fact, at the risk of sounding like one of "those" parents, I think he's rather gifted.   

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