Friday, May 3, 2013

Grab Your Grappa!

Hurricane season is around the corner and the experts predict that this year's season could be a bumpy ride, with the Atlantic region seeing  four major hurricanes.

And I'm going to be prepared for the worst, thanks to the Japan Trend Shop's newest product. 

Sadly, the Grappa Eco Shopping Bag was not developed in time for the devastating earthquake and tsunami that killed thousands of innocent people in Japan in 2011.

One can only guess how many lives could have been saved, had the victims been toting Grappa Eco Shopping Bags.

This foldable, re-usable shopping bag doubles up as head protection in the event of an emergency. 

Yes.  You heard right.  The Grappa Eco Shopping Bag is re-usable

That means I could use my Grappa Eco Shopping Bag for multiple disasters!  Bring on the stinkin' hurricane!  Who's afraid of an earthquake?  
Not me!   

 I may even try out for Roller Derby! 

I will be ready for anything, with my Grappa Eco Shopping Bag!

OMG.  I just had an epiphany.  Once I get my Grappa Eco Shopping Bag, I will finally be able to master the unicycle.  As much as I hate to admit it, I have not ventured beyond safety of the carpet in my hallway on my unicycle. 

And, at the risk of sounding pathetic, I've been afraid of cracking my head open and sustaining permanent brain damage. 

Now all I need to do is to wear my Grappa Eco Shopping Bag, mount my unicycle and...

On second thought, maybe I should wait for Grappa to release a Full-Body version of their Eco Shopping Bag.

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