Friday, April 26, 2013


I was stumped by my teenage daughter's status on Facebook.


What could that mean?

Starting My Homework?    No Way.
Studying My History?  Even more ridiculous.
Sweeping My House?  Don't make me laugh.  Never.

I TITT (threw in the towel) and googled it. 

SMH means "Shaking my head".

Which is exactly what I am doing right now, thanks to the latest product on the Japan Trend Shop web site: The Oppai  IPhone Breast Cover Phone Case.  

Here is the product description:
Functioning as a novelty case and unique phone stand likely to win you male admiration but female disgust, the Oppai iPhone Breasts Cover is truly unique.

You think? 

The silicone case gives you a rather lovely pair of breasts (oppai) on the back that you can fondle while you text.

Fondle while you text?  WAL (what a loser).  INAS (I need a shower)

What more can a man ask for in a phone? 

Maybe a GIS.  Or a calculator?  Coverage in Pelion?

A great gift for the guy who seems to have it all and with this couple of, ahem, accessories, he truly will!  Watch them jiggle and shake as well!

EMWIB.  (Excuse me while I barf.)

It is not often that I am at a loss for words. 

I'll just SMH. 

And wait for the Japanese IPhone Penis Cover Phone Case to come on the market

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