Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Lethargic Face

It was a remarkable coincidence.  Dave had just commented that my face did not appear energetic.  

I was crushed.  Who wants a lethargic face?

So you can imagine my excitement when I saw the Facewaver Exercise Mask on the Japan Trend Shop web site.

"Facewaver Exercise Mask Beauty Skin Sag Face Stretcher  stretches and tightens the face and cheeks, kneading out wrinkles, lines and sag. Just five minutes a day and your face will appear more youthful and energetic."

OMG.  My face will not only appear more energetic,  but more youthful!

But at $59 (plus shipping and handling), the Facewaver Exercise Mask is a bit out of my beauty budget.  

Yes, I understand that it is considerably less expensive than plastic surgery. 

But it's even more economical to make your own!

I carefully inspected the Facewaver Exercise Mask on the Japan Trend Shop web site and noticed that it looked remarkably similar to an ace bandage.

Admittedly, a pink ace bandage.  But definitely an ace bandage.

(They don't call me a stinkin' engineering genius for nothing.)

So I went to the Dollar Store.

Sadly, the Dollar Store does not sell ace bandages.  

But WalMart does.  And I made my own Nerdling Facewaver Exercise Mask.


You know what?

I feel minutes younger.  And my face has so much energy I could...well, I could eat a pomegranate!

But a true marketing genius finds ways to re-purpose products.  And since the 4th of July is right around the corner, it makes perfect sense to convert the Nerdling Exercise Mask into a...

Nerdling ThunderShirt for Kevin.

I'm going to start working on my campaign right away. 

Target market: people with unenergetic faces who own dogs that are afraid of thunderstorms and fireworks.

I know what you're thinking.  

Thank you.

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