Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Note

The director's note was shocking.  Scandalous.  Audacious.

For those of you unfamiliar with theatre, notes are directors' feedback to actors following a rehearsal.   

Things like, "Frank, raise your leg higher in the kick line."  And "Lou, your wig was on upside down in the wedding scene."

But this particular note was disgraceful.  Downright demeaning.

"Shirley, make sure you don't hike your boobs up too high.  They were getting pushed out of the corset and all I could stare at were your boobs popping over the top. Yes, they are nice, but I want to listen to your words in Movie in My Mind."

If I'd gotten such a note I would have crawled into my armpit.  Without passing Go.

(That being said, it would be quite unlikely for me to ever receive such a note.  A more likely note would have been, "Lou, make sure your boobs are not too low.  I see them slipping beneath your corset.  Tie those girls in place.  They are not nice.")

Shirley, on the other hand, did not crawl into her armpit.  

She loved the director's note so much she made it into a song.  To the tune of Movie in My Mind.

Shirley is amazing.

So amazing I decided that she must make a guest appearance in Notes From A Nerdling.   

And here it is: Shirley's Song 

I'm so impressed, that I've invited Shirley to the next meeting of the Nerdling Honor Society.

She'd better not dress like a slut.  

I have a reputation to protect.


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