Friday, April 12, 2013

Inspirational Reading

I have just discovered the most inspirational children's book ever. 

I  had been looking for a book for Linda.  Something motivating.  Like "Chicken Soup for the 18-year Who Can't Keep Her Room Clean Soul".   

To that end, I browsed Amazon for something she could relate to.  A book that would both inspire her, and reinforce her core values.


Then I found it.  The perfect book.  Both thought provoking and enriching, this book has an unbelievably inspiring message. 

It's called, "My Beautiful Mommy".

It's written by a renowned plastic surgeon to help patients explain their transformation to their children.  (It brings tears to my eyes.)

According to the review, "through vivid illustrations and straightforward dialogue, My Beautiful Mommy explains a parent's physical transformation in a breezy, child-friendly manner from a young child's perspective."


Here's a sample page from the book which shows the very intelligent (and handsome) doctor talking to poor homely Mommy pre-surgery.  "Blah blah blah tummy, blah blah blah nose," the hunky doctor explains.

Apparently, Mommy is getting a tummy tuck and a nose job.  As you can see, she is a quite the eyesore and desperately needs this surgery.

What a nice message for her daughter.  

(As a side note, I have never undergone plastic surgery.  This nose is really mine.  An original.  And my tummy is quite un-tucked.) 

I know that is very difficult for you to believe. 

Here is the last page Amazon allows us to peek at.   Beautiful Mommy says, "I brought you something from the doctor's office."  
OMG! Can you believe this cliff hanger?   What did Mommy bring from the doctor's office?

Probably some new make-up.  Or a new pair of shoes.

You know what?  This book would sell a whole lot better if it had a different title.  

I have a recommendation: Chicken Soup for the Kardashian's Soul.

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