Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Inspirational Art

Please don't think me arrogant when you read this blog. I realize it's a risk to toot my horn so much, but darn it, I can't help it. 

As I was surfing the nerdy corridors of the internet last night, I happened upon an undiscovered work of art that took my breath away.  It is the essence of artistic aspiration and it should be hanging in the Lourve- or at least in Michael's.  (Perhaps this posting will catapult the artist to fame and fortune.)

The painting is called "First Aid (Bandages)."

Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, it is truly motivational.

In fact, I was inspired by First Aid (Bandages) to learn first aid bandages.

But first I needed materials..i.e., first aid bandages, so I cut up an old cloth diaper into 2-inch strips and sewed the strips together.  

Next I needed a patient.  Dave was watching TV.

"Dave, can I practice my first aid bandages on you?  You look like you have a lower jaw injury."
"Go away"

"Linda, let me try and set your broken arm..."

He ran under the bed.

Dave suggested that I had a hole in my head.

I treated that injury but I needed to find a real patient to practice on. 

That's when I remembered my pet boulder.  He was a perfect.  He had a head injury.  Then he had an eye injury.  He even had a fracture of the jaw.

And he's not the least bit camera shy.

And thanks to my Pet Boulder, I have recognized yet one more of my many gifts. 

I'm a stinkin' expert at First Aid Bandages.  

Is there anything I can't do?

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