Friday, May 13, 2011

Announcing the Nerdling Noggin Visor

I’d been thinking about getting Dave a Flair Hair Visor for Father's Day.  But, I just couldn't bring myself to spend $19.99, when I could make my own.  It sure looked simple enough.

I found a very nice, high quality visor at the Everything’s a Dollar (I believe it cost $1.00) and I utilized resources from around my home to complete the design.  

I'm proud to announce the long awaited roll-out of the Nerdling Noggin Visor, available in 4 distinct styles.

(Please allow me to me give props to my lovely model and co-worker Paul, for his willingness to risk his dignity for the benefit of my readers.)

The first version, is called “The Kevin”. Notice how “big and fluffy” Paul’s noggin looks with a visor enhanced with some of Kevin’s hair. 

I must confess that "The Kevin" was not my first choice. My original intent was to get a variety of dog hair...from PetSmart’s grooming salon.

Who wants to go with me and Kevin to PetSmart tonight?” I asked my daughters after work yesterday.
Linda and Kimmy both said they would come.
“I’m going to get some dog hair from their grooming salon for my blog.”
Linda and Kimmy (in unison): “Forget it!”

I walked into the PetSmart grooming center and there were piles of dog hair on the floor. I smiled as I envisioned "The Fido" version of the Nerdling Noggin.

I asked if they had any extra dog hair they weren't using. I was going to make up something about my dog going through chemo if they asked questions, but no questions were asked. The girl at the counter said they weren’t allowed to give dog hair away because it might have bacteria...blah.blah.blah.

So I went to the fabric center and got a lovely boa. And here’s version 2: “The Marilyn”. It’s much fuller and softer than “The Kevin”, yet understated. I think it makes Paul look younger, don't you?

The third in my Nerdling Noggin Visor collection leverages my vast collection of dryer lint. Introducing “The Heloise”. Although I love the look, I fear that this design might have its challenges. Considering the combination of flammable rubber cement and dryer lint, it is likely that Consumer Protection Agency might put the kabosh on "The Heloise"(We wouldn't want another Michael Jackson/Pepsi misfortune, would we?)

And last, but not least is my favorite Nerdling Noggin Visor: "The Blagojevich" (And I would like to thank a certain doll that I found in the attic for donating her locks of love.)  Don't you agree that this visor just screams sex appeal?  Paul looks like he could run for office!

Now, not everybody is thrilled with"The Blagojevich". In fact, I think someone is unhappy with her haircut.

And check out those eyebrows! She's starting to remind me of Chucky.  I may be wrong, but I think she was giving me the finger!

Wait a minute!  Those eyebrows and bad haircut just gave me a scathingly brilliant idea!

I just added another Drunken Mexican Toothpick Holder to my collection!

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