Monday, July 6, 2009

Oreos in the Green Room

One of the cardinal rules of theatre is ‘No eating, no drinking and no smoking’ in your costumes. But does it really apply to Oreos?

My friend Becca brought Oreos to my rehearsal yesterday. Knowing the rule ('No eating, no drinking, and no smoking in your costumes’), I snuck them up to the Green Room in a cleverly disguised Publix shopping bag.

It took about 7 seconds for someone to see the Oreo box through the shopping bag and say, ‘Hey! Lou’s got Oreos!’.

Now, in an ordinary show I would stand firmly and say, ‘You know, we can’t eat, drink or smoke in our costumes!’ But this is no ordinary show. The costumes in this show include large pieces of cake, slices of cheese and sugar cubes that do nothing but stimulate your appetite for Oreos.

And in such a situation, we have no choice but to eat Oreos in our costumes.

The tricky part is to keep the crumbs out of your teeth. The evidence can be overwhelming.

1 comment:

  1. You little rebel, you! ;) First, it's walking around the horseshoe just to catch up on steps, and even skipping rehearsal because of it. AND now, THIS.

    I should have known... Oh wait,

    I was there eating those glorious oreos WITH you.

    And you ARE indeed right, the evidence is overwhelming!!

    Caution: Eating oreos will cause an overwhelming urge to tap dance to come over the consumer. All loose objects beware!