Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lesson Learned

We got a great review for the Beauty and the Beast. I decided to call George (who plays Lumiere) from the car last night, and congratulate him on his mention. Being the safe driver that I am, I handed my blackberry to Linda and asked her to dial George for me.

Here’s the conversation:

Lou: Hi George, This is Lou

George: Hey Lou

Lou: Yay! Congratulations on the review!

George: What?

Lou: The review! It was awesome! And they mentioned you! Yay George!

George: What review?

Lou: For the show! It came out today- have you seen it?

George: What?

Lou: Uh-Oh… Do I have the wrong number? Is this George?

George: Yes

Lou: Oh, come on George! Haven’t you seen the review? It mentions your fantastic treo!

George: Step back for a minute. What’s this about?

Lou (looking at Blackberry- safely- while driving) –Uh oh. Is this George XXXXXX (the president of our Georgia subsidiary)?

George: Yes!

Lou begins to babble

There is a major lesson learned. Do not use your 14-year old daughter as your administrative assistant. Especially if you have your company executives' phone numbers programmed into your Blackberry.

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