Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Pocket Protector

When my friend Debi texted me asking where she could get a Pocket Protector my first reaction was OMG.  I’m a nerdling and I don’t have a Pocket ProtectorHow embarrassing.

I texted her, “Got a bunch at home.  I’ll mail you one.”
Don’t judge.  I have a reputation to protect.  I immediately ordered a 4-pack on Amazon.

Then I did some research about Pocket Protectors and learned that they were invented by an engineer from Buffalo.  My home town.

It brought tears to my eyes.

I was giddy with excitement when my Pocket Protectors arrived.  I tore into the box and examined them.   Quite impressive.  They hold up to 4 pens or pencils.  Leak proof.  

No more ink stains on my shirts!  

How had I gone through my whole life (39 years) without a Pocket Protector?

Of course, Kevin begged me give him one...since I had 4.

I couldn't wait to try mine on for size.  But then I realized that you have to have a pocket in order to use a Pocket Protector.

I went to my closet, searching for a blouse with a front pocket.

Not. A. One.

Nothing more pathetic than Pocket Protector with no pocket.

Surely I could find one stinkin’ shirt with a pocket SOMEWHERE IN THIS HOUSE!!!

I went up to Kimmy’s closet.  Nothing.  Are you kidding?

I tried Linda’s closet. Nada.

I was out of luck.  Now where was I going to put my pencils?

Wait. One. Minute.

I forgot all about my scathingly brilliant invention from 2013. 

(I think Einstein had a similar problem.  When you have so many great ideas, it's hard to keep track of them all.)

Who needs a stinkin’ Pocket Protector if you have a Boob Bin

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