Sunday, January 24, 2016

My New Drinking Buddies

I didn’t hesitate for a minute when I saw the Drinking Buddies Drink markers. 

Six miniature men with names engraved on their Speedos.

So stinkin’ adorable.

I slipped one on Dave’s Diet Coke.  “What the hell is this?” he asked.  

“It’s Cody.  One of my Drinking Buddies.”

“I don’t want that hanging on my glass,” he said as he handed him back to me.

“You want Mitch, instead?” I offered, beginning to amuse myself.

“I hope you didn’t pay money for those things.   What are they for anyhow?”

“Drink Markers.  So we don’t get our glasses mixed up.”

“Oh, really”, he responded, “Do you really think that's necessary?”


He just doesn’t know how to have fun.  I started assembling the guys around the top of my wine glass.  They were all looking into the glass. 


Which inspired me.  I have a denture ice cube tray.  I can hear Brad now, "Look, Josh!  Is that somebody's false teeth floating in Lou's wine glass?"

Or maybe my fake fly.  Like Alanis Morisette: A fly in my Chardonnay!

These guys are so much fun!  

Maybe there should a shark in the glass.  And they're terrified.

Or, I know.  They're in a Bruce Willis movie, suspended high in the air.  And they're hanging on for dear life.  

(One them is a Bruce, after all.)

Whatever they’re doing has to match their expressions.

But Chad, Mitch, Ryan, Brad, Cody and Josh are all wearing their poker faces.  

“You didn’t answer my question,” Dave said.  “Did you actually pay money for those things?

“Of course I did. Only $12.00,” and because I’m a Nerd I added, “That’s only $2.00 per guy.” 

“You paid $2.00 per guy too much.”

Bah.  He just doesn’t know how to fun. Thank God there's someone else in the house who values my Drinking Buddies.

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  1. I love this. I must have some drinking buddies. I live alone. Somehow I think you understand why that doesn't matter. Great piece, Lou!